Saturday, June 12, 2010

Electrical Storm Is No More :(

Without ceremony, Electrical Storm was put to rest today. Electrical Storm was a great idea whose time has passed. The battery pack was given a final charge, then all life support cables and control equipment was removed. The batteries have been put on Craigslist and will hopefully go to good homes, although they will likely not remain together as a pack. The motor, controller, and all other electrical conversion components were also put on Craigslist as a lot. If a suitable home cannot be found, items will have to be separated and relocated individually. Although it is a sad day, you can see in the following picture that the 1971 Plymouth Duster is feeling a lot lighter while awaiting the return of the internal combustion engine.


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  2. I Know its abit late for this comment, but i had to say something. How tragic :( Have been following your project for a LONG time checking your progress and enjoying the journey. What an amazing idea, you were SO close yet threw in the towel. Im sure for reasons we'll never know. anyway, thanks for the great read and for sparking my imagination. Good luck for the future! :) ;(

  3. So sad, My first car was a '72 Duster, would have loved to still own it, and convert it to electric. Sorry you had to give up the project, as it was a very good looking car. Brought back lots of good memories.