Saturday, April 4, 2009

On The Road Again

I welded and installed the motor coupling adapter today. Then I put the car all back together and did some more successful test driving. I'm still unwilling to stray too far from home until I am certain of its reliability, but I easily got her up to 40 mph in second gear.


Anonymous said...

Looking good Bruce. I can't wait for some electric burnout pics/videos ;)

Pat said...

First of All, you have done a great job on all of the restoration and mods. The electric conversion is quite a daunting task from a mechanical standpoint not to mention Engineering it.I have an old Mustang that I am Restomodding however I haven't the guts to go electric.

I have a comment regarding the motor coupling adapter. I would avoid welding this at home. In my opinion, with the stresses on that part, it needs to be welded by an expert, stress relieved and heat treated. An alternative is to have the machinist make the part in 1 piece of billet. Heat treating would also be a plus anyway.

The weld that you show in the photo appears to be welded ninc on the left side but needs to be consistent and perfect all the way around. I do perform welding on my car but always leave the critical items to the experts.

Best of luck and keep up the awesome work.