Saturday, March 7, 2009

What's Left?

I am definitely seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. The satisfactory completion of this project finally seems within my grasp, barring any unforeseen occurrences. So what is left to do?
  • Install tach sensor unit to front motor shaft and wire to dash gauge.
  • Install temperature sensor on motor controller and wire to dash gauge.
  • Install dash indicator light to show when main contactor #2 is engaged.
  • Install and wire two 12 volt controller cooling fans.
  • Wire up safety interlock relays for high voltage power up (foot brake ON & emergency brake OFF). (Also, emergency brake ON = high voltage power off.)
  • Install automatic/manual switch to insert resistor in parallel with throttle circuit. (will make backing up less jerky and allow smooth very slow forward speed if necessary).
  • install and wire 26 digital volt meters to monitor individual batteries.
  • Rework or rebuild battery restraint system to keep high voltage pack isolated from the car chassis.
  • Reinstall and program Link 10 battery monitor.
  • Construct a dedicated 20 amp cable for either 120 or 240 volt charger input.

1 comment:

Allen said...

Don't forget to look into powder coating as an insulator for your batter restraints.

Congrats on the first drive!